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Literary Biography of Elizabeth Sherrill

Information Provided by: Amy, Chandyl, and Laken

This site is inspired after Elizabeth Sherrill's book All the Way to Heaven

We wrote our own literary biography on Elizabeth Sherrill after our class read The Hiding Place.

Click Here to view A Literary Biography on Elizabeth Sherrill

Elizabeth and John Sherrill are the co-authors of many christian books that have revealed the power of God in people all over the world in many kinds of situations. Click here to preview a little bit of the Sherrill's past, present and future plans.

One of the most inspiring books written by the Sherrill's is the story of Corrie Ten boom. Corrie survived the Holocaust and lived to tell how God brought her through sorrow and helped her realize that no pit is so deep where God is not deeper still. Click here to find out a little more on her story and what else happened in Germany during the Holocaust.

Click here for prices on Elizabeth Sherrill's new biography called, "All the Way to Heaven".

Click here for prices on Corrie Ten boom's recount of the Holocaust with the help of authors, John and Elizabeth Sherrill. "The Hiding Place".