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Vught now and then....a brief overview of the German concentration camp during World War II.


Top: Vught Then
Bottom: Vught Then
Bottom Right: Vught Now



Group Essay about Vught

Website addresses this information came from.

On this website you will find out what all went on at Vught during the war. Also you can view pictures for then and now of what the camp looked and looks like. Now-a-days the site is a tourist center and this site tells about what goes on there today.

This website talks about the geneology of the Jewish people. As well as geneology this site refers to informational facts of the war and how the Jews were mistreated and abused.

Vught was on eof the only SS run concentration camps in it area. The awful stories of brutality and mistreatment are partly told on this website. Along with this information the types of officers that ran the camp are told about here.

The concentration camp Vught was one camp that was used after the war for several other purposes. This site tells about some facts of then and now of the camp. Also this site contains pictures of the camp site now.

Other websites with information about the Holocaust.

On this website a collecetion of articles and stories have been put together from prisoners whom were held captive during the war. This site has many interesting papers, links,and stories about what really went on during the holocaust.

The holocaust was a very brutal experience for all who were apart of it. The war was so different for so many people on this site many people share their photographs, memories, poems, stories, and fellings about everything that went on.

Information put together by: Clayton, Alyssa, Nick, and Gerianne

LCHS Senior English