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The Troubling Journey of Adolf Hitler

Information provided by: Jonathan, Logan, Jarred and Lexie

This will tell you about Hitler. It includes...
his early life,
Photograph showing Adolf Hitler at school
his rise to power,
                and what he did once he was in power.

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Visit other supporting web sites:

(dealing with the paper written by Jonathan, Jarred, Logan and Lexie)


  • Here you will find information about Hilter's early life and his entrance into the Nazi party.

  • Here you will learn facts that occured during Hitler's life, his political goals and views of history as well as how he was able to manipulate a democrasy to gain power

  • Here you will learn about Hitler's rise to power and how Hitler and the Nazi party took over. You will also learn about what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf and what kind of effect it had on German society.

Additional Web Sites on the Holocaust and The Nazi party:

  • Here you will find archives of everything about the holocaust including documents, photographs, and recordings. There are even essays on the subject of the Holocaust.

  • This website contains a timeline of the Nazi party the rise of Nazi power.


Web sites dealing with the paper written by Hunter, Landon and Amanda:

  • Here you will learn about what was going on in Germany when Hitler was pronounced dead.

  • Here is another site where you will learn about Hitler's rise to Nazi power in Germany.

  • Here you can learn more about where Hitler was born and what his family was like.

  • This site is an organization that has created a museum on Hitler for historical purposes.

  • This site refers to how Hitler became a dictator and the events leading up to his dictatorship.