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Corrie Ten Boom's Later Years

What corrie did with her life after the hiding place story.


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This article is about Corrie ten Boom forgiving one of her former guards at Ravensbruck. For more informative articles on Corrie ten Boom visit:

Corrie-ten-Boom Articles

This article below is just a brief summary of Corrie’s life.  I found it interesting that she later encountered a former guard from Ravensbrück.  It was also very inspiring that she forgave the soldier. I was also interested by the museum in Holland.



This article below speaks about Corrie’s love by opening up her home for WW2 refugees.  It also speaks of honors she received form the Queen of Holland along with many others.  It gives us a feel for the type of reverence there was for Corrie at this time.

In Touch Ministries

This article below seems to be a more recent article.  It seems to be from a more emotional standpoint than the others.  It gives a good description on Corrie’s drive in life and the mentality she had toward it.  I liked the quote of how she calls herself a tramp for the Lord.

Corrie ten Boom: Hero of Hidden Children